Thanksgiving and Fall Table Centerpiece For Your Autumn Parties

Fall Table Decor Ideas that can elevate your dining experience

Fall Table Decor

Are you planning a casual pumpkin carving party or family get together? This rustic themed table setting would be perfect for a fun filled gathering with family and friends. The magical charm of New England fall foliage can be captured by reflecting the color palette in the place setting. You could create an interesting visual appeal by using dried flowers, and fall foliage mixed with the autumn vegetables, fruits and spices. One of the key fall design trends in 2021 is the use of loosely structured organic table settings, that will work well for casual as well as a  formal dining experience.

fall table centerpiece
Fall Table Decor

You can create a unique table centerpiece by using pumpkins as floral vase.  To achieve a similar look you could prep the pumpkin by scooping out the innards and creating just enough space for holding the floral decorations. You could paint the exterior of the pumpkin as it not only looks beautiful but also helps it last longer. We like to use a floral frog pin inside the pumpkin to  support our floral arrangement. You could also consider using chicken wire instead. A regular floral foam would also work well if that is easily available. You could layer it with fall greenery and flowers in hues of orange, yellow, red and pink. We like adding fruits to the arrangement as it adds a very regal touch to the arrangement. We also love the combination of succulents with dried berries and dried flowers as it is visually appealing and draws your eye towards it. Creating these floral pumpkin vases is also a fun family activity especially with children. 

We love to use branches as an interesting structural element in our floral composition. By loosely arranging them in a vase you can add a whimsical touch to the arrangement, The pops of color add. a visual drama that is emphasised by the flowers in different shapes and sizes. With clever use of lighting, textures and an assortment of flowers and fall foliage you can create a spectacular tablescape. You could stagger the height of the candelabra to add multiple dimensions to the table decor. We prefer to arrange them in groups of three, five or just as a single candlesticks. Whilst real candles look beautiful, there are several options for realistic battery operated candles that are safe for use .

Fall Floral Arrangement

For a modern twist to the decor, we love combining the white and orange ceramic pumpkins with the organic produce and foliage. This color palette also works well in a formal setting with gold utensils and is photogenic against a white backdrop.

Fall Tablescape

The autumn season is a wonderful time to gather with family and friends. So let the celebrations begin! Happy Entertaining!


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